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We plan creativity, comprehensive and sustainable multimedia solutions for a future where society can thrive. Equipped with an intimate understanding of local intricacies, world-class talent and proactive leadership, we develop, design, manage and organize long lasting and impactful solutions to uniquely complex problems.

Web Design & Development

Customized websites, webapps, game interfaces, theme designs, phoneApps,and many more...

Meet our web designers & developers,and transform your ideas, or a story ,into a visually appealing design and turn the designs into a live website or App. By the uses of web languages and software tools ,we'll develop the design and functionality of your website and other apps perfectly..

Graphic Design

Are you looking for a marketing graphic designer for your postcards and flyers, magazines and newspapers ads,

posters,banners and billboards, infographics, brochures (print and digitally), vehicle wraps, PowerPoint presentations, menus,Social media ads,images for websites and blogs etc

We offer publications graphic designs such as books ,newsletters,directories, annual reports, catalogs.. we have adaptable and lifelong leaners who uses visual composition to solve problems and communicate ideas through typography,imagery ,color and form, to add specialization throughout their careers

Corporate Branding

Professional Company logo on all your products and services. Our consistence advertising packages , you've been brand already...

When it comes to creating belief in your Company and maintaining the belief, through promotion, creating awareness that affects and persuade buyers purchasing decisions, engage with us for a distinguished branding.


Wedding receptions, church programmes, parties, launching, personal photoshoot and any other activity...

Everything come and go, but memories will always be there... We give you stunning galleries that reveal the natural beauty of you. Save Best Gallery in Lens.

Software Solutions

We provide solutions such as Point of Sales (POS) softwares for commercials, school management, Hospitals, Banks, Church and many more...

Financial Clarity has recently become a boredom Hectic for many organizations. Do you want effectiveness and efficiency, transparency and accuracy, remarkable and reliable for all financial services, then don't delay ... Call now

Video Production

Live streaming, pre-recording, Incredible motion effects, video editing, filming, Logo animations, music video and etc. .

Motions speak louder than all... Experience our ultimate pixels video recording, 1080p,2k,4k and wide angled hints.

CCTV Sales ♦ Installations

Secure your homes and business assets with our expert CCTV systems, equipped with current technology, high-quality and high Definition Cameras, wireless and hidden Closed Circuit Tele-Vision that could monitor your property, people and operations in every 24hours.

At PLM powered by WCI, we provide solutions to suit your needs, whether you only need a perimeter CCTV cameras, or a more integrated solution that positions cameras in strategic positions in and around your Homes, work areas and other premises, we're able to specify and install cameras that covers every angle required..Call now

Office ♦ Home Networking

We provide and design cable systems installation for data transfer, internet service, voice, electronic safety and security, audio and video technologies, wireless based distribution systems, radio repeating point to point, encompassing optical fiber.

Connecting all Pc Projects into One computer as a server, divisions of internet accounts using Mikrotic and other systems.... Customized Network interface.... And many more..

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We do not focus on competition regarding the use of the lastet technology. Instead, we aim at providing superb services that satisfy the needs of customers..

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